Qlan Water Skin Shoes Aqua Socks for Beach Swim Surf Yoga K v8uE2L

Qlan Water Skin Shoes Aqua Socks for Beach Swim Surf Yoga K v8uE2L
  • ❤LIGHTWEIGHT AND QUICK-DRY: The water socks are ultra-lightweight. You don't even feel anything but only freedom and comforts. Top-of-the-line neoprene material is stretchy, breathable and retains shape for low maintenance wear. Since they are made of:Lycra elastic fabric and EVA, they are quick-dry and help you feel clean and neat.
  • ❤ELASTIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY: Stretchy material makes the water skin shoes easy to bend roll and keep shapes after. So they are easy to wear and take off. Soft neoprene material is environmental friendly, secure for your health.
  • ❤SAFE AND COMFY: Rubber sole is wearable and anti-slippery which creates a cooler and healthier shoe environment, and features quick-dry and super comfortable during water sports. The socks' soles give your feet softer touch and don't let your feet get cutting, puncture, scratches and cold water damage.
  • ❤VARIOUS OCCASIONS: Indoor exercises, driving, cycling, swimming pools, water sports, parasailing jogging, fishing, beach volleyball, backpacking camping, diving, snorkeling, boating and sailing, beaches, yoga, etc. Especially works great while doing water sports.
  • ❤WHAT YOU GET: Diving Shoes x1, Carrying Pouch x 1. Every shoes that we produce is rigorously tested and checked for defects. If you have any issues, contact us by email, and we will happily help you solve problems.
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Many small business owners choose WordPress, to power their website’s because of its flexibility. WordPress is relatively straightforward and easy to install however sometime many users, as most beginners do, end up installing WordPress in a subdirectory instead of the root directory ( e.g. http://www.exampledomain.com/subdirectory/ instead of http://www.exampledomain.com ). So if you accidentally installed WordPress in a subdirectory (or maybe want to move WordPress to a subdirectory) but don’t want to impede usability and user experience of your site ( i.e. visiting your website with “http://exampledomain.com” ), then you’re in the right place.

e.g. http://www.exampledomain.com/subdirectory/ instead of http://www.exampledomain.com i.e. visiting your website with “http://exampledomain.com”

In this article, I will cover two scenarios : when WordPress site is installed in its own directory and when moving an existing WordPress install from the root directory to a subdirectory. For both scenarios, I will show “ how to get rid of /subdirectory/ from your site’s URL ” without affecting the user experience. Your visitors will not even know that files are stored in a subdirectory.

I will cover two scenarios how to get rid of /subdirectory/ from your site’s URL
Note: Make sure you can access your hosting using any FTP client or CPanel (contact the website owner for the details). I have tested the following example on an Apache web server, as recommended at WordPress.org . Check if module is enabled, and you should have some knowledge on .htaccess and file permissions.

When WordPress Installed in its Own Directory

Let’s say you’ve downloaded the Mens MOKKERS warm lined Real Suede Moccasins with hard sole Navy TicRonzz
and install it in a subfolder named “wordpress”. So the site is accessible using this URL (http://yourdomain.com/wordpress). Now continue with the following steps.

Login to the backend of your new WordPress site and navigate to Settings > Permalinks screen and set a proper permalink structure. Once you click “Save Changes” button, a .htaccess file will be generated automatically, which used for hardening site security, URL redirection, URL shortening, etc. Sometimes this .htaccess file doesn’t create or updated automatically. Then, you should check if WordPress has the write permission. If not setting the file permissions to 644 is recommended. If the issue persists, you should contact hosting provider to confirm the mod_rewrite module is enabled.

Settings > Permalinks

living beyond limits

“She shouldn’t have done that.” “How could she think that?” “I can’t believe she actually went there!” “I would never do that…”

Sound familiar? Anyone ever whispered phrases like that in your ear? Or, have you ever muttered them under your breath?

I’ve heard that kind of stuff and said that junk and thought it too! When it comes to being judgmental, I admit, I have blown it! But, I don’t want to be a judgmental woman; I want to be a woman of good judgment.

So, what is the difference?

Discernment sees right and wrong. Discernment is able to judge rightly.

When you are showing good judgment — when you discern something that isn’t quite right, it strikes a chord in your heart… usually an out-of-tune, dissonant chord. It’s like smelling something stinky and wanting to sniff out the source. That is a spiritually mature impulse.

Let’s not be judgmental women, let’s be women of good judgment. Gabor Women’s Ballet Flats Blue 16 Pazifik Sobeige XZEBpBJYAr

Just as quickly as a toddler goes from total contentment to a total meltdown, we can go from humble discernment to haughty judgementalism!

It’s all in how we handle the discernment.

1. Quick to elevate me Do I feel better about myself because she is so much worse than I am? If we observe someone’s brokenness and go straight to pride about our own apparent wholeness, then we are being judgmental. Knowing truth of Scripture and using it as a magnifying glass to point out what she is doing wrong so it can spotlight what we are doing right is a big red flag that we are in judging mode.

1. Quick to elevate me
The ground at the foot of the cross is perfectly level. HGTYU Platform Shoes Thick Soles Shoes Korean New Thirtyseven VbERd5Si
How about a Get Away with a Take Away. Join me, Kirk Cameron, Chelsea Cameron, Laura Story, Meredith Andrews and Michael O’Brien for a Caribbean Cruise February 19-26, 2017. LINYI Men Martin Boots Genuine Leather Casual Business Shoes Sports Cotton Tube Plus Cotton Plus Velvet Black xCmep
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2. Quick to gossip When I see something questionable in her life, do I go talk to God about her or do I talk to everyone else about her? Gossip is the megaphone of a judgmental spirit. If we are quick to share the, “you won’t believe…” or “did you hear that she…” then chances are, you have jumped on your high horse and are galloping up the high hill of judgementalism.

2. Quick to gossip
Gossip is the megaphone of a judgmental spirit. [Click to Tweet]

Pray for her, giving her the dignity and respect she deserves. Her behavior may not warrant respect, but she does because she, like you, is loved by God.

3. Quick to critique Do I have a critical spirit when it comes to her behavior or a compassionate perspective? Judgmental women are critical of others. If she did it wrong, or not in the way we would have done it, then she is subject to our criticism.

Under Armour lacks a purpose. Or, if they do have one, it’s either beyond mundane or ignored.

I suggest Under Armour hire some real communications professionals who know how to create, embed and activate a purpose. If they don’t, they’ll continue to wreak havoc on their image, reputation and sales.

One more year of this and Under Armour will be underwater.

Sep 21
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I’ve just returned from The Arthur W. Page Society ‘s superb annual conference in San Diego. And, while the conference theme was, “Search for community in a (dis) connected world,” there were a surprising number of speakers who addressed the power of humor in business.

Oscar Munoz, CEO of United Airlines, said his use of humor, authenticity and doubling down on the airline’s “purpose” were key to his ability to weather the widespread outrage after the “ incident ” on flight 3411.

Rich Jernstedt, former CEO of GolinHarris (now Golin), erstwhile chair of the Council of PR Firms and current head of his own consulting firm, shared a priceless “Page Moment” that occurred long ago and far away, AND demonstrated the legendary Al Golin’s use of humor in an intense situation.

The Golin team had just entered the massive boardroom of a large prospect they were pitching. As everyone pulled up a chair, Mr. Golin flipped backwards and, chair and all, fell on the ground. Instantly, he said, “And, now, for my next act…”

There was no response from the stone-faced prospects (probably out of politeness—not just sure how to react) but, later, after Golin had been awarded the business, the client contact said Mr. Golin’s use of humor and ability to take the incident in stride was a decisive factor in their selection. While their non-verbals may have indicated otherwise, the prospect team was in search of an agency that could not only do the job but, critically be a FUN partner.

I experienced a similar occurrence when we pitched Yahoo’s business. Right smack in the middle of the presentation, we were explaining how we would roll out a local market campaign. To illustrate it, one of our San Francisco employees selected a last-second slide to pinpoint the various markets we’d be targeting.

The lead prospect took one look at the slide and said, “You do know you’re using Google Earth in that slide, correct?”

I immediately spoke up and said, “John, we purposely inserted that slide to make sure you were paying attention.” The entire room broke out in a hearty laugh. My comment not only saved the day, but created an instant bond with the Yahooligans by sharing an “inside joke.” We were awarded the business a few days later.

Afterword: In his remarks at the Page conference, Rich shared research conducted by The Hay Group that showed “executives who were ranked as outstanding used humor twice as often as those ranked average.” The same survey showed that humor used skillfully: